Outfit of the Day: Christmas Eve 2015

TOP: similar linked here from New York & Company // BOTTOM: similar linked here from Lush // TIGHTS: opaque black Merona from Target //  SHOES: more recent pair of YSL T-Strap Heels

Usually I spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to wear on Christmas Eve, really just to make it make it feel special.  On Christmas Day, it's a lot more casual and I'll just end up wearing something I got as a gift that morning.  Still, I generally buy something specific for Christmas Eve that I will refuse to wear before that day.  This year not so much.  I knew I had a few different things sitting in my closet that I had only worn a handful of times.  That morning I kind of made a mental picture of what I wanted the outfit to look like in my head and just hoped it would turn out as planned.  Somehow it actually worked out better than I could have imagined!  

For the top, I wore something that I bought during my Black Friday shopping at Forever 21 for around $20.  It's a black long cuffed blouse with a tied-bow around the neck.  Fun fact, that's called a pussy bow.  I had only worn this top one other time since the day I bought it and figured it would work perfectly with this outfit!  

For the skort (YES, A SKORT, is this 1999?), I got it at Nordstrom.  It's from the brand Lush, which is one of my favorites they have there.  Originally $42, I got it for $23!  Since I found this particular one about a month ago, I found it was sold out on Nordstrom's website.  Really, any patterned skirt or skort would work perfectly to recreate this outfit!  I've linked something from Lush that I like just as much.  

And the shoes, oh the shoes.  So when I was in New Jersey right after my high school graduation in 2011, we went to a consignment store where I found a pair of T-Strap Yves Saint Laurent heels for...get this...$8.  Seeing as I just graduated college, I certainly waited a long enough time to wear them.  I simply hadn't found the right outfit!  I've been trying to look into what season these were from, but I honestly haven't come up with much.  I've found similar on eBay and Poshmark, which claim to have apparently retailed for $700.  Score.  Obviously I was only able to link a more recent version of YSL T-Strap heels!

Overall, I can credit the success of this Christmas Eve outfit to a variety of deals!  Check out the pieces I've linked to recreate something similar!
...And my new puppy Isla was the best accessory.