OOTD: My favorite looks from my NYC trip!

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One of my favorite parts of planning any vacation is...


No, I don't just stuff my suitcase full of whatever and hope for the best.  I'm also not the best at doing that thing where you find 12 different ways to wear the same shirt on one vacation.  I'm always like...well what about the pics???  Maybe this would change if I tried backpacking through Eastern Europe or something, but for the time being, I'm going to continue to be exxxxtra.

I do specifically seek out and shop for items that I think will fit in well with whatever locale I will be traveling to. I think about the weather, how much walking I'll be doing on certain days, and yes, what will look good in front of the photo ops I know I'll be seeing!

I had a couple favorite outfits from my trip to New York last week.  I knew I loved them, but I didn't realize they'd be such crowd pleasers!  I got lots of insta and real life compliments on these outfits, so I felt like they were great choices for my vacation!

So, before I left for this trip, I decided to place an order with good ol' forever21.com.

When I saw this dress, I knew it was a must!

It was only $25 and I loved the variety of colors in the stripes.  I figured it would be good for the weather we were expected for the end of May.

In reality, it ended up being WAAAAY hotter than expected and constantly sunny.  This was actually a great dress to wear in that kind of weather!  Normally, a maxi dress might be a little warm, but this one had the large slit, so it actually was pretty weather-friendly!  So, if you're shopping for a maxi dress to wear in hot weather, make sure to pick one out with proper ventilation! Haha.  Also, I knew I could throw on a cardigan if it did get chillier and I would probably be fine.  That was not necessary, though.  The only problem I encountered was sunburn!  Crazy tan lines, man.  Not gunna lie, I didn't expect to get that much sun on a "city" vacation.

Now for my handbag, I have this adorable little pink Pippa!  It's from the May kate spade collection and is the perfect "brunch bag."  The inside is striped and it closes with a drawstring.  I personally love it because it fits my DSLR.  Can you believe it?!  In that little bag, I have my camera, phone, card case, lipstick, chapstick, and Bath & Body Works size hand sanitizer.  Sometimes my business card case too.  There's surprisingly a lot of space!  It also comes in black and a few other colors.


Also a Forever 21 gem!  At $23, you can't beat that!

The 2nd day in New York was just as hot as the first.  I decided to spice up the layout of my tan lines with this little number.

Literally, I got so burnt this day.  It's all tan now, but dang.  
Note to self: Bring sunscreen to New York next time because it's $15 for a tiny bottle there and you will just say screw it and decide to burn instead...

But then I did pay at least $14 for every cocktail I bought there... My logic is clearly flawed.

But this jumpsuit was equally as weather-friendly as the dress.  Since it had pants this time, I was happy to counter-balance that with an open back.  It helped keep me cool, even though I truly was still sweaty af at the end of the day.

So there you have it!

Out of my 4 days in NYC, these were my favorite looks!  
Isn't it crazy that you can pay $25 or less for the cutest sight-seeing outfit?!

Can't wait to plan my next travel wardrobe!  And stay tuned for an actual New York travel post coming soon.  We have lots to talk about~