The Stanford Family Summer Photo Session at Grant Park!

Thanks to my pal Magnolia, I got a referral to photograph her sister-in-law's family this summer!  They were such a blast to hang out with and a fun way to be able to play around with family photography, something that I am currently growing into.

We started out at Grant Park taking photos with the greenery around the cliff, and transitioned to the beach (near Ferch's) for the final hours of sunset!

Scroll along to see their adorable family (check out the kids' cute animal button-downs!) and let me know if you're interested in a family session of your own!

SURPRISE! Kayla gets engaged.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being able to photograph my best friend's engagement!

How the whole day came to be was a long and funny story - picture this...a long road trip, a forgotten ring, a broken garage window to retrieve the ring, and then a covert delivery operation the morning of - but in the end, it all worked out perfectly!  And I was there to capture the moment, which was really fun!

After the actual engagement occurred at the Mitchell Park Domes (she said yes!), we went to the Third Ward for lunch and to take some more photos around the city.

Below are the highlights!

It started out as a stroll through the Domes for Kayla's mom's birthday...

We walked through the Show Dome and the Tropical Dome...then we finally came to the Desert Dome and...

Then we ventured outside for more pics!  I made cookies...

We also had one particular casualty...

But anyways, we moved onward to the Third Ward for the grand finale of our photos!

Such a fun and exciting day!  Both their families got to be involved (whether they knew they would be or not!) and now we all have a wedding to look forward to!