About Me

Hi, I'm Olivia!

Welcome to Midwest Mermaid Does, a lifestyle blog that just happens to be a place for me to talk about fashion, food, traveling, crafting, creating, and celebrating!  Basically, everything that I do on a regular basis (hence the name)!  I started this blog in  December of 2014 and I am STILL learning new ways to improve it every day.  I hope you've found exactly what you were looking for here, and that you'll stick around for a while!

A little bit about me:

I'm from Milwaukee and live two blocks away from Lake Michigan.  That's pretty much why I call myself the Midwest Mermaid!  I've always lived here (aside from four years in my college town), but love to travel elsewhere - often.  I graduated from college in 2015 with a degree in Communication. Since then, I've worked various jobs and had a handful of side hustles (this blog being one of them) that are helping me figure out exactly where I want to go in life.  Along with my blog, it's a work in progress!  I have a deep love for writing and photography, so a blog is the perfect place to display those things together in a meaningful way.  I hope you love reading it as much as I love writing it!

About the blog:

Shopping:  I have always been the girl who dresses up for no reason at all, which led me to writing a blog that is mostly about fashion.  I believe style is an art form!  I hope that you can use my shopping posts for inspiration in your daily life, and I promise to give the best advice on where to get great deals and when!

Celebrating:  I love throwing parties, big and small.  I think that there is always always always a reason to celebrate!  I'll show you details of my own celebrations and tips on how to improve your own.  It's allllllll in the details.

Traveling:  I make it a point to go somewhere I've never been at least once per year.  I have been bitten by the travel bug (specifically after a European adventure in college), and it is not going away!  I love sharing my trips in the form of photo diaries here at Midwest Mermaid.

Making Things:  Whether it's for myself or someone else, I'm creating something new every day.  I decorate graduation caps on my Etsy, make things to decorate my own home, help others with their wedding crafts, and create plenty of other random things every week.  Stay updated through my Facebook page or Instagram!  Making things is my favorite thing to do, like ever!

Reading:  I read a lot.  I go through phases in life where I read more than I do at other times, but I always have at least one book started....and a stack of books that still need to be read.  Reading is the greatest way to settle down at the end of the day and the perfect escape.  I'll post here about my monthly favorites, but hope you will share your recommendations with me as well!

Eating:  I write restaurant reviews over at Female Foodie, but will occasionally share my foodie finds over here as well!  Good food is one of my great loves, so I can't go without talking about it for very long!  I especially love sharing local foodie events here, so stay tuned.

I'll also throw in bits of my personal lifelocal travel tips, beauty finds, interior decorating ideas, among other things, so there's a little bit of something for everyone. 

I'm so happy you found Midwest Mermaid Does!