My Home Christmas Decor 2019 Part 1 - Girly!

Happy Christmas Eve!

The best part so far of having my own home...

The endless holiday decor that I can put up!

I decorated for Christmas shortly after my birthday...which was early November.  I must say, I will be doing that more often!  Waiting until 12/1 just isn't enough time to enjoy the decorations.  This time of year is always very chaotic, so the longer I have to spread out the Christmas joy, the better!

Turns out I had collected a variety of decor.  A lot of it was in traditional colors (red, green, gold), and the other half was all very girly (white, pink, silver).

This post will feature my tree and the girly aspects of my Christmas decor.  Tomorrow on Christmas, the traditional color post will debut.  Enjoy!

Have a great Christmas Eve!

Stay tuned for the other half of my decor tomorrow.


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