Fall Collab with Mapiful - personalized Milwaukee poster!

This past month, I was able to collaborate with Mapiful to create my own custom map poster!  I love the style of their maps, and they can pretty much fit in with any design aesthetic.  I personally put mine in my dining room (although I'm not sure yet if that's where it'll live forever!).  This map poster was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.

You can choose literally any destination in the world and their site will calculate the latitude and longitude for your Classic Mapiful poster.  Then you can zoom in or out however much you'd like.  I personally wanted to zoom out a little for my Milwaukee map because I wanted it to show where I grew up and where I live now.  I love the composition of it combined with Lake Michigan!

You can even make a map based on a fictional place, like the town in your favorite show!  I've seen Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls and Monica's Apartment from Friends, both which I wish I had thought of myself!

Either way, I absolutely love mine and how meaningful these maps are!  They also now offer Star Maps as well, which show the alignment of the stars on any given date.  Amazing!

I took the opportunity to set up for Thanksgiving in my condo.  Enjoy!

Now...I think it's time to get ready for Christmas...hehehe

The Thomas Family - Fall Photo Session in Milwaukee!

During the 45 minutes of fall that we did get in Milwaukee this year, I managed to take some very "autumnal" photos of my friend and her family!  We had a very slim window this year to enjoy the leaves changing in color before it snowed on Halloween.  Glad we got to catch it when we did!

I also took some maternity photos of Rhonda and Kyle in June, so it was fun to be able to document this next milestone for them - their baby's first fall.  It was kind of funny because I think it was warmer this day in October than it was at the same park in June!

So sweet!