A patriotic recap, just a month overdue!

The 4th of July is a great holiday.

Love the color scheme, the fireworks, the BBQ, the patriotism!

This year, the thought crossed my mind:  Why do we only send out holiday cards to our friends and family once a year around Christmas?  Why not do a mid-year holiday card just for fun?

So my dog Isla and I concocted a plan to send out 4th of July cards this year.

Much like this blog post, most of them got mailed out a month late.  But alas, it truly is the thought that counts, so I hear.

Extra?  Maybe.  Necessary?  Of course.

I also happened to love my OOTD on the 4th!  I got the dress for a very affordable price from TJMaxx about a month before, knowing fully well that it would be saved for this specific holiday.  And then the last couple of years, I've gone over to the South Milwaukee Public Library parking lot to take my 4th photos...  It's on the side of the American Legion building if you're looking for it.  The perfect locale.

And then to top things off, my aunt has a cookie company (Iced Queens MKE) serving the Milwaukee area.  She makes these vintage flag displays if you're ever looking for a patriotic treat!

Til next year!

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