Spraaaang Breaaaak

This is the first time in a long time that I actually haven't had much to do.  Last year I remember spending my whole spring break doing homework, ew.  This year I had some little things to get done for my study abroad trip, my internship, and my sorority's formal but none of it took up too much of my time.  Naturally, I've found other ways to spend my time (none of which involved watching basketball, like the rest of the state).  PS - Most activities done with a glass of sangria in hand, including this post.

I had a temp-little last week, so the task was to make her a first set of ZTA letters.  I've been holding onto this blank set for a while, but couldn't think of a reason to paint them.  My original intention was to do something Moroccan themed, but I asked her what her favorite colors were and she said she loves pink and girly things!  And that definitely is within my area of expertise.  I really loved how they turned out!  Thinking of including painted letters on the Etsy store I'm planning to open this summer.  (I also worked on my graduation cap, but no one is seeing that until the big day, mwahaha.  Starting to think that will also be an idea for Etsy - custom grad caps)

I want to eventually do something similar for myself.  I'm obsessed with the gold-dipped look...and of course anything that resembles Lilly's "First Impressions" flower print.  Right now I really like mixing florals and geometrics.  And just for fun...here's the set I painted for a temp-little last year ;)

Yesterday I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which I hadn't been to since my freshman year of high school!  Except I really only went there for the Ebony Fashion Fair showcase.  I had never seen designs from Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, or Emilio Pucci in person so it was awesome!  Here I am looking at the lady in purple Dior... Totally in my element.

I also got a little better at my macaron skills this week!  After one completely failed batch, we finally found a way for the strawberry colada macarons to materialize...  They were awesome and I swear you learn something new every time you try to make macarons.  This time I found out that it's definitely still possible to completely screw up even after several successful batches -__-

Tomorrow I think will be for chocolate macarons!  There are still a few more days of break left, so there's still time for a lot of magic to happen!

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