Apartment Livin' - The Bathroom

Yes, it's been over a week, but I'm a busy girl!  

I know most peoples' bathrooms probably aren't that much of a conversation starter, but I can safely say that mine is a lot more interesting.  It's actually my favorite room (decor-wise) of my apartment.  It's bright and cheery and where I keep all the pink.  I make the comment about the pink because the place I lived previous to this apartment was literally a pink palace/dorm.  Current roommate is not so much a fan of the magenta hues.  I thought it would be best to concentrate my signature color in one room (as not to offend...haha).  I figured saying the bathroom was going to be "flamingo" themed was a clever way of incorporating The Best Color Ever without being too obvious about it.  But as you read the rest of this post, it's pretty obvious.

So basically the pink Packer pennant points you in the direction of flamingo heaven. I painted that flamingo in the corner (and actually had to make the entire canvas -_- I'm too cheap to buy something that huge pre-made).

The 3 matching framed flamingos are another fave of mine!  And like in my last post, they are free from Best Friends for Frosting (and Oh Happy Day).  They say "Let's do cocktails" because they're actually party invites.  I decided they work better as wall art.  You have to attach your own wings to them, so I used gold like they suggested.  I just mounted them on scrapbook paper and put them in dollar store frames.  Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with them?

And yes, that's a Bath & Body Works air freshener... I don't have a car, okay?

Moving right along is this serving tray from IKEA that I bought before I moved in.  It was actually the inspiration for this room.  We didn't know what to do with it and were just like, "Whoa.  This fits perfectly on top of the toilet."  Little jar for the Q-tips is from Joann Fabric's.  I bought a couple right away.  Also obsessed with glass containers...

Then there's another awesome addition to the room, the curtain.  My aunt sewed it.  It's just on one of those expandable rods.  Livens up the place, don't you think?

And the sink is what prompted one of my guy friends to say, "Your bathroom is like being in a hotel."  Orange bowl via Anthropologie.  Fake orchid via TJMaxx.  Yes, I go through a lot of Philosophy body wash. 

My cousin walked out of my bathroom last weekend and was like, "It's weird to see a something from my childhood bedroom in your bathroom..." and I remembered I grabbed that Moroccan looking piece of art (that my aunt also made) from their rummage sale this summer to adopt.  Couldn't let it go to waste!

This shower caddy was originally intended to be, yes, a shower caddy.  Unfortunately my shower's walls didn't really support that idea.  So it's now a wall organizer.

This 4-piece wall hanging is just scrapbook paper from Papersource (one of my all-time favorite stores).  We bought wood, had my grandpa cut it, and Mod-Podged the paper to the front.  Then I painted the edges.  Apparently decorating my apartment was a family affair.

Love these so much that they're going in my bedroom at home when I move out of my apartment in May.

It's now really sad to look at my bathroom because I took everything down to pack up immediately after these pictures were taken. :( It's so plain.  I hate it plain.

But hope you enjoyed Room #2 of my Apartment Livin' posts!  Next will probably be a combo of my bedroom and kitchen (both pretty small rooms with a LOT goin on!)



  1. This is also my favorite room in your apt! Inspiring!

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