NEWaukee Night Market #obsessed

It's not like a regular farmer's market, it's like a cool farmer's market!  Without the vegetables, thank God, because vegetables bore me.  Actually I think there might be one booth of arugula or something.  Anyway, I really wanted to go to this event because it only happens once a month and I'm always curious about new things happening in this city.  There are local restaurants, food trucks, and art vendors.  Some of my favorite things!

Here's my little explanation of all the things I tried at the July NEWaukee Night Market.  
I totally want to go back in August! (8/19 5-10pm)

So the first place I stopped was at Pete's Pops.  I was totally torn about what flavor to choose, but settled on Cucumber Lime because it seemed totally refreshing.  And it was.  There was also a melon one and an AVOCADO one!  And even though I'm not a huge fan of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, I would have tried the popsicle!  I want to try them all.  For some reason I'm just so intrigued by these.  Such a simple idea and they're so good.

Obviously I love decked out hotdogs.  I'm not even sure if this little establishment had a name, but we gravitated towards it anyway because of the street meat.  

This was the Fresco Dog.

Pico de gallo, mayo, and queso fresco.

We have already recreated these at home.  I've eaten like four.  Then we did the same thing with burgers which was equally if not more delicious.

We also got this fried eggplant and hummus from Goodkind (which I'm kind of surprised I've never heard of).  It was great.  I'm obsessed with eggplant and sometimes hummus.  But could have used chips or something!  I've never had hummus without anything to scoop it up with.  Starting to think I'm not normal if a restaurant serves it this way?  Unclear.

And like, they have a super pretty sandwich board!!

Then I got tacos from Belair, which I've already blogged my love for before.
These are the Carne Asada and Black Beans & Corn.

Usually I prefer the crazier flavors of tacos they have at the regular restaurant, but I'm sure they have to appeal to all the picky people out there.  Basic.  These were still obviously good though, you can't really go wrong with Belair, as far as I know.

Finally we picked up a 4lb bag of peaches for $9!  I don't even know if that's a good deal or not, but I also didn't know I liked peaches so much.  Can't get past the texture though.  They're so good but way too fuzzy.  Freaks me out, but it doesn't stop me from eating them.

I want to go to next month's NEWaukee Night Market, but buy some of the handmade crafts and prints and stuff.  This time I wasn't prepared enough, just ate a lot.  

I did buy some candles though!

It's funny because I had been looking at Big White Yeti's Etsy like a week before I went to this market.  They were on a break when I was on there (now they're selling things again) and I was sad I couldn't look through their candles.  So happy I found them!

A coffee scented candle seemed only natural for me to buy.  I also went with Tiki Bar because why not.  Next time I'll try to get there first because by the time I got to their stand, their bestsellers were sold out.  They make these soy candles in their basement in Bay View.  I bought the little ones for $5 to make sure they were candles you can actually smell, and they are!  I love them.  Now even if I'm not drinking coffee I can still smell it...a true addict.

Overall it was really cool.  Like ice sculptors, live blacksmiths, live music kind of cool.  
I'll obviously be back!

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