It's Cyber Monday!

As some may know and some may not know, I did a little bit of damage while shopping the sales this weekend.  Black Friday was particularly eventful, as my friend Kayla and I went on our usual venture out for "deals."  I say deals in quotations because I honestly don't believe that Black Friday is worth getting your hopes up for.  I never really have, yet I go every year.  That's simply because it's the first day where you can officially be merry about Christmas without being judged for your overwhelming excitement...and I'm all about being festive.

When Kayla and I go, we're never really on the hunt for a certain item or sale.  We wait until about 8 or 9pm on Thanksgiving to leave, as the crowds tend to dissipate after the first few hours that the stores are open.  At this point we have also recovered from our turkey comas.  If we find a good deal, great.  But usually we don't and end up coming home with a couple shirts and maybe a scarf.  Or in my case, a mistletoe headband.

This year was a little bit different...  While we hit up all the usual stores at the mall (some of which actually had moderately okay deals) and then stopped at Best Buy so Kayla could replace her dying laptop.  We talked to an employee for at least 45 minutes as he went over all the options in her price range, then we got up to the counter only to find out that the $100 off coupon she had wasn't even valid.  C'MON MAN.  Apparently the coupon could be used again in a couple days, so she just decided to wait until then for her laptop.  I told you Black Friday is stupid.  So we were outta there.  Until I remembered that I wanted a new camera, like a nice one.  We made a sharp left and into the camera section and I ended up walking out of there with a really good deal on a Canon Rebel T5 and all the amenities.  Typical.  I take back what I said about Black Friday being stupid.

I'm probably not in the position to be making such a large investment at this time, but I have yet to have any sort of buyer's remorse about it.  In fact, I tend to regret leaving behind the things I didn't buy.  Seeing as I have no idea what on Earth I am doing with this camera and have managed to take some pretty cool photos so far, I would say it was a dang good idea.

But enough about me.  In honor of being too broke to make any Cyber Monday purchases, I've compiled a list of my favorite deals that are valid only today!  I need to live vicariously through you now.  I love shopping businesses both large and small, but today I have a mixture of the things you probably won't find in stores, giving purpose to this thing called Cyber Monday!  Enjoy.

1. Garvin & Co Holiday Prints & Koozie - One of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Garvin, has an Etsy shop where she sells digital prints of her chalkboard art...and they're on sale today only (mostly for $10, but the "Auld Lang Syne" is $5)!  You can get them printed on anything!  She also has the most adorable koozies which I have personally purchased before.  The one on sale today for $5 says "Oh What Fun!"

2. Society6 Friends Travel Mug by LoverlyPhotos -  A collage of iconic Friends images on a travel coffee mug.  What more could you ask for?  It even says Princess Consuela Bananahammock and has a photo of Ugly Naked Guy.  Everything on Society6 is on sale for 20% off until midnight.

3. Society6 Weapons of Mass Creation Travel Mug by Bianca Green - Again with the Society6 sale, but I can't pass up a good deal on a coffee mug.  Have a creative friend?  I think they need a coffee mug equipped with a drawing of different pens and the saying "Weapons of Mass Creation."  There are also plenty of other amazing things past travel mugs on Society6, and like I said, everything is 20% off.

4. Simply Taralynn Collection Holiday Items - Simply Taralynn is an adorable blog if you're into healthy living.  She has a clothing collection and recently added her holiday items.  I've linked the "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" shirt because unfortunately the "Don't Stop Believing" one is out of stock :'( hopefully she'll add more before Christmas!  But the sale she has running today takes $25 off orders of $150.  Not the greatest unless you're planning on making a huge order, but at least there is a sale.

5. Plum Street Prints Entrepreneur Mug - Entrepreneur is just French for has ideas, does them.  Since I've already covered travel mugs for when you're running around, I have to add one for when you're just sitting at home!  I love this entrepreneur mug, and today is the last day of their Black Week sale.  Use the code black30 for 30% off until midnight!

6. ILY Couture NOEL Tee - I've expressed my love for ILY Couture before, and today is the last day of their site wide 25% off sale with code ILYGIFT!  There is the tee and also a sweatshirt.  Hurry, they sell out quick!

7. Betches Barre So Hard Flowy Tank - Not holiday themed in the least, but did I say that's what this was?  For 25% everything Betches TODAY, visit the link and find your next outfit for barre.  It's worth a look at the rest of their shop as well, it's amazing.

8. Skinnydip London Silver Shell Cross Body Bag - At about $31 American dollars, you can channel your inner mermaid with this seashell shaped purse.  Even Ariel would be jealous.  They have a lot of sales going on as well, so check it out.

9. Super Chill Watermelon Cooler Bag - Apparently I have a thing for bags that are shaped like other things, because this watermelon cooler bag is everything.  If you're one of those people who's lucky enough to visit a beach during these horrendous winter months, you need this to keep your drinks cold.  Also worth checking out the "I'm Outta Here" luggage tag! Everything on this site is 25% off with code BIGDEAL and it's all super cute and quirky.  This is where I purchased my "But First, Coffee" travel mug as seen on IG.

Ugh and there are so many more, but I figured I should probably get this out before Cyber Monday is no more!  Psst!  I found every single one of these deals because I follow the shops on Instagram.  That's where they reveal a lot of their secrets!  

I hope you get to take advantage of all the online deals you could ever want!
Well, until next time!

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