Outfit of the Day: Halloween 2016

Halloween is probably my *favorite* holiday, but it was a major struggle for me this year. For one, I had no idea if I was even going to be doing anything worth dressing up for. Second, I had no time to actually create a costume. October was definitely rough in terms of free time!

When I finally did find a worthy occasion, I was way too behind on my original costume idea to even contemplate finishing it! Instead, I randomly found a sale apron at Sur la Table and re-imagined my outfit completely! TROPHY WIFE. My version of a trophy wife is pretty much a cookie tray toting, apron wearing, June Cleaver type of lady. It was a little exaggerated (of course, as most Halloween costumes are) and all in good fun. 

But seriously, you can't even imagine the amount of people who insisted on eating the chocolate chip cookies off of my plate even though they were HOT GLUED. I definitely warned them all about the glue issue, but apparently when people see cookies they experience sudden deafness. By the end of the night, I had less than half a plate of cookies. Which is fine, at least I got my picture!

A trophy wife has always been on my list of potential Halloween costume ideas and I'm so glad I finally pulled it together! Here's how I did it:

Besides the apron, my outfit was put together with mostly things I already had! A striped, off-the-shoulders top from Forever 21 (old, from summer), a tulle skirt from Charlotte Russe, a TON of random pearl necklaces and bracelets that I had collected over the years, and some cheap dangly pearl earrings I got on clearance at H&M long ago. My giant ring was something my uncle had picked up at a vintage store and given to me. Wooden spoon: straight out of the kitchen. My Mary Jane style heels were something I hadn't worn in years, from Wet Seal. I actually pulled them out of my giveaway pile to wear on this night! I hadn't originally planned to be in black and orange, but it was pretty fitting for Halloween!

I did have to buy a pack of mini trophies for $3 at Hobby Lobby and a carton of Chips Ahoy cookies. I glued it all together to a cheap plate and voila: trophy wife!

Next year, I am promising myself that I'll have my costume ready at least one week before! Hahaha, likely...

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