OOTD: kate spade Morocco Spring Faves - Part Two!

Welcome to Part Two of my favorite pieces from the kate spade Morocco collection!

These were the shorts that I had been patiently awaiting.  I knew they would be coming once the March theme of camels launched!  Of course, it's definitely not shorts weather in Wisconsin in March, so I had to wait quite a while before I was able to unveil these for the first time!  Paired with my Darcy handbag in saffron, they are definitely a match made in Morocco.  Enjoy!

kate spade Embroidered Camel Shorts // kate spade Robson Lane Darcy (no longer available online, but different colors here and here) // kate spade Imani Sandals (old from last year, but these remind me of them style-wise) // Target Who What Wear Ruffle Blouse (old from last year, but here's a similar one from this year) // Forever 21 Crochet Floral Choker

Like I said, I absolutely love these kate spade Embroidered Camel Shorts.  ALTHOUGH...I do wish they were actually embroidered.  It's in their name, for heaven's sake.  The camels are screen-printed.  I knew in advance, and it didn't deter me from wanting them, but they should really change the product title as not to confuse people.  To me, embroidery means a higher quality piece of apparel.  Nonetheless, I will be wearing the heck out of these this summer.  The tassels hanging from the bottom are my favorite part!

This kate spade Darcy handbag was the bag I bought for my New York trip in March.  I'm very into its color, saffron, that was rolled out in March.  And I clearly have a thing for tassels.  And here comes another big "ALTHOUGH" ...This bag is suede.  It was totally unexpected for me, because it definitely wasn't listed on the website.  And the Darcy that we had in the store I work in was a very soft leather that I definitely would have preferred (due to durability/wearability, mostly).  So that's pretty much what I expected from this one.  I wasn't mad when it arrived (I ordered it from another store to be delivered to my house), but I have never had a suede handbag and probably would have given the purchase a second thought if I had known.  It was a very expensive handbag...  I still wanted to carry it during my New York trip, and the back of it ended up getting pretty badly stained with denim dust even though I used Michael Kors Protect & Renew on it beforehand.  I still am obsessed with the look of this bag, but will probably never buy suede again.  At least in a light color.

The black ruffle top was something I grabbed from the clearance section of Target last summer!  It was super cheap.  It was from the Who What Wear collection too, which I'm a huge fan of.

I picked up the crocheted white floral choker at the Forever 21 at Times Square.  I'm surprised it's still available, but I'm glad I was able to link it!  I have been saving it for a summery look because again, it hasn't really been warm in Wisconsin until very recently.  But it's super cute and I look forward to wearing it with all kinds of things this summer!

The kate spade Imani sandals were my go-to shoes last summer.  I wish they were still available to link for you, but I did link the Central sandals which are a very similar style.  They're a lot more colorful though!  The Imanis were and are great because they match pretty much everything.  I usually would wear black shoes with an outfit like this, but that saffron color in the shorts/bag was a tone that made wearing brown seem okay to me.  Disagree with me if you must, but I think it was the right choice!  Black would have bored me. 

I have one more part to the Morocco collection, and then we are moving on to Mexico!  
Stay tuned!

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