OOTD: kate spade Mexico Summer Faves Part Three!

Hiiiiiii, I'm back again with more Mexico faves from the kate spade summer collection!

Fun Facts:
-Janai and I both work for the company.  (Obviously these are our REAL personal opinions on things!)
-She and I have each of these outfits.  So we could actually do a separate post in completely opposite attire!  We did buy different novelty bags though.  And I'll have you know, they are quite the conversation starters.
-On another note, if you're wondering why kate spade is always written in lowercase, it's a brand thing.  A thing that my grammatically correct mind has trouble remembering... 

Without further ado, I present to you the "jardin" print dress and red culottes!


I can't say enough about how much I love the jardin print dress that Janai is wearing.  Like I said above, we both have this dress.  As do many of our coworkers.  I would say that the most popular event to wear it to is a wedding!  Janai already has done so, and I know multiple other people who plan to do the same throughout the summer.  It is a fit that looks flattering on EVERYONE!  It's cotton, so it's super comfy too.  It's a great dress to have because you can dress it up or down with your choice of accessories.  And the jardin print itself (which is represented through the entire summer collection very consistently) is something you will not find anywhere else.  Look at the detail of the hummingbirds and flowers!  
*The jardin dress seems to be almost sold out online.  I would check your closest specialty store if you are interested in this dress because I'm sure they would be able to find one in your size!

The cotton culottes are a must-have.  I was nervous at first because I'm so petite that they would be too overpowering and long for me to wear.  They actually fit me very well!  I have never been one to wear this style of pant, but when I was at the kate store in New York they were alllll about the culottes.  I kind of adjusted my opinion on them!  I really like how they look.  Then slap a bow on anything and I'm sold.

The top that I'm wearing was something I picked up for like $14 at Forever 21 last summer.  I wear it with so many different outfits!  It's great to have that go-to striped top that looks cute with everything.


We were both wearing kate earrings for these looks.  I had on the taco/hot sauce studs.  I have a special place in my heart for earrings that are two different shapes.  I have the teacup and teapot ones from last spring and I think they're the perfect quirky little touch to an outfit!  When I saw that I could have a taco on one ear and a hot sauce packet on the other, I knew they would be mine.  

I also wore this headband from Forever 21.  It's inexpensive (and actually on sale right now) and also matches the pants perfectly!

Janai was wearing the blue flower hanger earrings.  They're a really cool design, so cool that I have them in two colors!  The earring shows on the front of your ear, and the wire goes through and comes out the back.  Then you connect the gold ball to the bottom.  They always come up with such interesting concepts for earrings!  Janai is also wearing the silver Grammercy Grand watch


The taco truck bag is my favorite novelty bag ever!  And something I talked about in this post.  Janai bought the takeout bag, which is equally as cute!  There is also a hot sauce packet crossbody, which I like too.  It was definitely artistic genius on the part of the designers to decide on this trio!


I wore my favorite summer sandals from Target.  Janai wore the most beautiful pair of kate heels, called Pax.  Take a good look at them!  The heels are completely covered with Aurora Borealis stones.  They're one of the prettiest styles of kate shoes I have ever seen!  And good news...they're on sale!  Pick these up before they sell out!  The Pax heels are the perfect way to dress up the jardin dress.  To dress it down, I have worn it with the Carlita sandals. I have them in gold.

That's all I've got for this week's installment of summer faves!

If you missed the last two looks of Mexico, check them out here!

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