#TacoTuesday at The Yard - Iron Horse Hotel

Today I was lucky enough to attend a sneak peek of Taco Tuesday at The Yard at the Iron Horse Hotel!

Executive Chef Joshua Rogers has created an artfully crafted menu of delicious tacos that you absolutely must try next Tuesday!  

It's going to be $20 for unlimited tacos, 2 drinks, chips, rice, and beans!
Amazing deal, I know.  What's even more amazing are the taco recipes.

Their carnitas tacos (with onion and salsa roja), tacos de pollo (with pico de gallo and queso fresco), and baja fish tacos (with spicy slaw) are all enough to tantalize your taste buds.  Trust me, they are seriously delicious.

If that wasn't enough, they gave us a personal tour of one of the absolutely GORGEOUS hotel rooms at the Iron Horse.  Did you know it used to be a mattress factory?  Built in 1907.

The hotel has 100 rooms, each a little bit different.  And oh yea, they're huge.  Like studio apartment size huge!  

And even the lobby is fabulous.  If I could think of one word to describe the aesthetic of the Iron Horse, it would be dignified.

I will definitely be back, and not just because I'm already craving those tacos!  I definitely want to try their restaurant Smyth, chill in the expertly decorated lobby/library, and last but not least, stay in one of their one-of-a-kind accommodations!

So will you be joining me next time at Taco Tuesday?!

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