Addy's Bedroom Reveal/One-Year-Old Photoshoot + Chandelier by NK

Addy is One!

Well, she's actually one year and four months old now, but we just got around to taking photos in her lovely floral bedroom.  Addison is my cousin Maya's daughter, who I am sure you've seen before if you've been following along (Maya's baby shower post HERE)!  When Maya was pregnant, I painted the walls to match the Circo sheets from Target that are in Addy's crib.  All the details of her bedroom are bright and cheery to match the vibrant florals in the print.

It's also my second shoot with my Turquoise Fancy Chandelier from Chandelier by NK!

In case you missed my last post (the outer space celebration HERE) with the chandelier, I'll give a little background.  I am lucky enough to be one of the brand ambassadors for Chandelier by NK, which means you'll be seeing a few different styled shoots centered around this lovely piece of decor.  These acrylic chandeliers are the perfect detail to add to your living space, party, or special event!  You can choose from a number of different colors for the fancy chandelier (that's the one I have).  It's super easy to assemble and surprisingly lightweight. It's just as amazingly beautiful in person as it is in photos!

This shoot served multiple purposes!
It was both a way to showcase the chandelier AND a One Year photoshoot for Addy and Maya.

Find links to everything pictured below, including the many lovely local makers who have work included in Addy's bedroom design!

Turquoise Fancy Chandelier: Chandelier by NK
Green Pillow (other favorite linked HERE):  Twohig & Tuinstra (she's local!)
Lasercut "Addy" Sign: The Blushing Script (she's local!)
Watercolor Floral "A": made by me!

PS: Did you notice Addy is wearing two different outfits in these photos?  Some were actually taken within three months of each other!  I'm curious to know if anyone noticed this detail!

Also, the pillows are actually from my bed hahaha.

This post includes some affiliate links.

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