Freebie Alert! January iPhone Background

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a FREE iPhone background, hand painted by me.  It's a wintry Nordic inspired scene, so enjoy!

You can either save the image above, or follow the link below to download the background:

This first background is being released on my blog, obviously.
From now on, I will be releasing a new iPhone background that I painted each month!  
It'll be themed based on the current season.  

But there's a catch - you have to be on my email list to receive it!

That's right, I'll be sending out a freebie on the first of every month, starting in February.

This image shows exactly where to sign up (on desktop)!  
As you can see, it's just to the right.

If you're on your phone, it's going to be all the way to the BOTTOM, under the about me section.  

I hope you enjoy this iPhone background!

 And make sure to sign up to receive the next one I'll be releasing via email on February 1!

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