6 Instagram-Worthy Restaurants (and Foodie Experiences) in NYC

We all know I love a good photo op.  I also happen to love good food.  Combine those two factors together and what do you get?  A prime Insta-worthy moment.

Earlier in the summer, I traveled to NYC with a friend for a long weekend.  Luckily, for the most part, he let ME make the plans for where we'd eat and what we'd see.  So I of course did my research and chose the cutest places I could uncover.

Here's a little list of what I found!  Obviously 5 days isn't long enough to try everything, but I think I did a pretty good job finding some Instagram gems.  Whether it is a restaurant, street fair, or cafe, you're definitely going to beat the algorithm with pics from these spots!

6. Mad. Sq. Eats

I'll start with this one because we didn't even seek it out - we just stumbled upon it.  Mad. Sq. Eats is a street festival that happens in the Flatiron District (obviously, that historic Flatiron Building is an awesome backdrop).  You can try lots of different types of food very conveniently.  The spring market happens during the entire month of May and the fall market is during the entire month of September (and first week of October).  It's a great place to stop if you're wandering through the Flatiron District like we were.

Mad. Sq. Eats - Worth Square - 5th Ave between 25th and 26th

5. Little Cupcake Bakeshop

There are a few different locations, but I honestly was on the hunt for this heart mural, which is outside of their location on Prince Street.  Turns out, Little Cupcake Bakeshop is absolutely adorable inside and makes an excellent cookies and cream cheesecake.  I love the black and white checkered floor and pops of pink throughout.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop - 30 Prince Street

4. The Butcher's Daughter

Popularized in LA, this brunch spot is always hoppin, even in NYC.  You'll get definite California beach vibes here, with their bright and sunny decor.  I love their juices, and chose a watermelon mimosa made with their watermelon juice.  I wouldn't say it's a cheap spot by any means, but hey, you're paying for an experience.  And a good one, at that.

The Butcher's Daughter - 19 Kenmare Street (although they have 2 other New York locations)

3. Pietro Nolita

Basically right next door to The Butcher's Daughter in Nolita, you have Pietro Nolita.  If you know me at all, you know what my favorite color is.  I initially found out about this spot on one of those viral Facebook videos and decided that I would be making my way there.  It's just as cute as you'd imagine.  Super small, super pink.  They also serve Italian food.

Pietro Nolita - 174 Elizabeth Street

2. Cha Cha Matcha

I really liked the people and the vibe here at Cha Cha Matcha.  And the name.  And the matcha.  So everything.  It's a really chill spot if you just need a drink and a snack on the go.  I loved it so matcha!

Cha Cha Matcha - 373 Broome Street

1. Smorgasburg - Brooklyn

Easily the best food festival I've ever been to.  I could have tried something from every single stand, there were so many amazing options.  They plate everything so well, it basically screams, "Instagram me."  Not only is it great presentation, it's all extemely delicious.  Top-notch eateries are represented here.  And with the Manhattan skyline as the background, it can't be beat!  I tried so many things including the dragon fruit juice, Japanese shaved ice, lobster roll, Bolivian sandwich de chola, and more.  Every Saturday, April to October.

Smorgasburg - East River State Park, 90 Kent Avenue (at 7th Street), Brooklyn

For more of what I tried in NYC, check out my @oliv.eat.a foodie Instagram or my lifestyle account, @midwestmermaidolivia!


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