The 11 Best Horror Podcasts to Scare You This Halloween!

I feel like at this point, everyone is well aware that I am a have a huge fascination with anything related to horror (real or imagined), true crime, the paranormal, the occult, the macabre...  All the dark stuff.  And I always have been this way!  Does that scare you?

I used to listen to mostly true crime, but then I realized that there is a whole slew of podcasts out there that focus on the paranormal themes.  And I looooove being scared.  So upon realizing that, my listening habits have broadened quite a bit!

I wrote a post last October, 10 Podcasts to Scare You This Halloween, but this year I have one-upped myself and added a NEW list of 11 additional podcasts to scare you!  I still listen to lots of podcasts off of my previous list, but here are some of the ones I've discovered over the last year.  And trust me, they're fun to listen to all year round, not just during spooky season.

I've also categorized them by "story focused" versus "topic focused," depending what you're in the mood for.  Stories are generally more first-hand accounts of paranormal experiences people have had.  Sometimes they're stories read by the hosts of the podcast, submitted by listeners.  If they're more topic focused, the hosts are usually giving you a more informative lesson on some paranormal/horror related topic.  Some of these podcasts might include both!

And then finally, I've rated them all by how much I like listening to them, so you'll know that those closest to #1 are the ones I am currently binging!

11.  Unexplained

Topic focused (30 min average) - About topics that are all, you guessed it, unexplained.  This is a great one to listen to if you're trying to fall asleep!  I'll admit, that sounds bad.  But the host has a very soothing voice!  The topics are always very intriguing - perhaps some that you may already know a bit about if you're a fan of the genre.  But it's always nice to hear about the same topics from multiple perspectives!

10.  Unspookable

Topic focused (20 minute average) - Possibly the only truly child-friendly podcast on this list (unless your kids are awesome and like to be scared too).  But it's a fun one!  It basically breaks down popular urban legends/topics.  Think Bloody Mary, the Momo Challenge, Krampus, etc.

9.  Sinisterhood

Topic focused (1-1.5 hour average) - Two women discussing all topics that are...sinister!  If you like the vibe of other popular women-led podcasts in the true crime genre, you'd probably like this one.  That's of course, if you're interested in hearing about a mixture of sinister legends as well as some actual real sinister people.  I like that they don't stick solely to the paranormal for all of their episodes.  You might be in the mood for killer clowns one day, but wanting to hear about the scammy life of Anna Delvey Sorokin the next.

8.  Ghosts in the Burbs

Story focused (30 minute average) - This one had me at the first episode.  The host, Liz, narrates spooky ghost stories that hail from Wellesley, Massachusetts.  She interviews her neighbors and tells their stories.  Changing the names of course, because none of them want their houses added to New England ghost tours...  Her calm and collected storytelling skills are great, so if you're in the mood for something like that, this is perfect.  These are stories that feel like they could actually happen to you!

7.   Spooked

Story focused (30 minute average) - This one is cool because it has people telling their own version of spooky things that have happened to them.  It's great to hear a first-hand account!  The stories are pretty compelling.

6.  Haunted Happenstance

Story focused (40 minute average) - This one is read like a beautifully written book.  I will say the voice isn't the best I've ever heard for narration...but I hate to say that though because it is SO well-written!  I recommend starting at the beginning for this one, because the "characters" actually appear in many of the episodes.  This podcast is based around the apartment complex that the narrator lives in and all of the somewhat inexplicable happenings which occur.  Set in Boston, MA.  Apparently Massachusetts is pretty spooky?

5.  Knock Once For Yes

Story/Topic focused (1 hour average) - A little bit of both here.  This narration by the British hosts is very easy and calming on the ears.  I like how relaxed they are discussing these paranormal themes!  They share stories as well as topics that you'll probably find interesting if you're into spooky things.  Also "Paranormal Postcards" which are spooky stories from around the world.

4.  And That's Why We Drink

Story/Topic focused (1.5 hour average) - I found this one right after I published my list last year, so I have been waiting to share it!  This is actually a combo of true crime and the paranormal. Their regular episodes are topic focused, with one true crime topic and one paranormal.  Each is told by one or the other of their hosts, Christine or Em.  This is another you'll like if you're into pods like My Favorite Murder, but want a hint of scary.  They also do listener story episodes too!  So you get the best of all the worlds.

3.  Let's Not Meet

Story focused (30 minute average) - This one is solely "true" horror stories submitted by listeners, narrated by the host and other guests.  There are several short stories in each episode.  I would say most of the stories are less paranormal, and more actual true horror.  It's basically stories where you encountered a super creepy person, all ending with a line like, "So crazy woman who wanted to take my baby, let's not meet."  These are the ones that really get me!

2.  Ghosted! by Roz Drezfalez

Story focused (1 hour average) - OBSESSED.  This one is hosted by a drag queen named Roz Drezfalez, who interviews different friends and borderline celebs about spooky experiences that have happened to them involving ghosts.  She hosts a segment called, "EVP or E V Puhleeease?!" where the guest has to guess what a ghost is saying in an EVP.  So if you couldn't tell already, this one definitely involves comedy.  I listen to this one every time a new episode drops.
"But if I didn't ask you to haunt me, DON'T haunt me!"

1.  Two Girls One Ghost

Story/Topic focused (1.5 hour average) - Hosts Sabrina and Corinne choose a topic every week and then each tell a paranormal story related to that topic!  A lot of them have historical significance, others are simply urban legends, some are just scary.  They also do some alien episodes, which isn't really my thing, but I know some people like it a lot!  And they dedicate entire "Encounters" episodes to telling listener-submitted stories.  I really enjoy listening to them talk to each other and about their topics!

So, enjoy the spookiest time of the year!  Don't get too scared.  
Maybe listen in your car only?  Avoid listening in dark, creepy rooms?
Or don't, it's your life!

I find all of these on Apple Podcasts, but many can be listened to through other platforms as well!

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