It's my Valentine wishlist!

Tis the season for everything pink.  I love it.  Although, I do love every holiday.  This one especially strikes a chord with me because it was one of the most memorable holidays at school as a kid.  If it still made sense for me to give out Valentines to all of my friends, I totally would.  I even did it in high school (seriously).  

Nowadays, I love all the sassy sayings you can find on things around Valentine's Day.  I pretty much find something adorably Valentine's Day oriented (that I want) every day.  I decided to make a list of some of those things, along with some of the other items I've been eyeing up over the last month or so.  I don't know what inspired me to call it the "best" Valentine's wish it because it's mine?  Probably.  Enjoy!

1) "I am very busy" iPad sleeve - I've been looking for this in stores that sell for a while, but I could only find the pencil case.  This is the only site I could find that still sells it, since has already come out with their spring line.  Now that I actually have an iPad I really really want it!  And I am very busy.

2)  Candelle's Jessica Garvin "heart shaped marshmallow" 4 oz soy candle - It sounds like it smells delicious, and I'm a sucker for Jessica Garvin's chalkboard art.  I love her can coozies that I bought last year.  But I'm obsessed with candles.

3) White Converse - I want to monogram the tongue of these and wear them in Europe.  Big dreams.

4) Meringue Girls cookbook - I've been eating meringue cookies since I was little (I'll post my recipe eventually) and I have since fallen in LOVE with the Meringue Girls cookies.  Their cookies are so pretty and I am dying to learn all their tricks.

5) Elsa and Ana POP Disney figures - I saw these at Barnes & Noble and determined that I have to have them.  I thought they would look so cute on a desk as decoration.

6)  For Love and Lemons "Bat Your Lashes" underwire bra - It's the prettiest thing I've ever seen.  I love the navy blue too, but I tried to keep with the red/pink theme here.   This set is a little/a lot out of my price range, but someday.

7) Kate Spade "Like a Book" Insulated Tumbler - I love books, I love Kate Spade, and I love insulated tumblers.  Why wouldn't I get this?

8) "You Are Incredibly Awesome" Strawberry Chocolate Red Tea - I've liked different teas from Republic of Tea and this flavor sounds interesting.  Unfortunately this is sold out at Papersource online, but I definitely saw it in the actual store last week!

9) ily Couture "Smitten Kitten" Tee - I promise I would be smitten with this t-shirt if I had it.  Stickin with the V-Day theme.

10) This is Ground Sweetheart Taco - This is a weird concept, but also a convenient one.  No more tangling up my stupid headphones!  They have 5 different cute Valentine's Day sayings for these earbud tacos.

So hopefully I'll be able to invest in some of these things before Saturday!  
If not, there's always next year.

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