It's been a while...

I clearly haven't posted anything in a little over a week, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing things!  So here's my update...

Firstly, I guess I became an Apple person?  I had a Galaxy s4 that was in need of an upgrade (the great fall of '14 took a toll on the screen...) and decided it was time for an iPhone.  Rarely do I have (or care to pay for) the newest technology, but I figured why not get the iPhone 6 if I'm getting a new phone anyway.  Then about a week later, my godmother decided I could have my graduation gift early so...iPad Air 2!  Now I just need that diploma, sigh.  I've been watching How to Get Away With Murder on the ABC app, and so far I like it.  Although it took me like four episodes to figure out what the heck was going on.  

So overall, I've been spending the last couple weeks trying to figure out all these gadgets.  
I hate learning technology

I absolutely LOVE the case I bought for my new phone off Casetify.  It's the Flawless Pink Faux Gold by Monika Strigel!  You can also get $10 off pretty much any purchase.  I never buy anything without a promo code ;)  They have the cutest cases and faaaaaaast free shipping.

I also decided to start a very frustrating past time: making macarons.  I'm weird about desserts, I don't really like them unless they are light any fluffy.  That's exactly what macarons are!  So I had to try.  I had heard that it takes several tries to get it right...and that is definitely accurate.  My 1st batch (top) tasted great, but they looked like squished sandwich cookies with no feet.  They 2nd batch (bottom) turned out a lot better (and they got feet, yay!) but still wasn't perfect.  Pretty sure my 1st batch was overmixed and my 2nd was undermixed.  It's also really hard to color them.  Someday I'll get it to work!  

I used THIS recipe the 2nd time around (which seemed to work a little better).  The inside of both is THIS buttercream frosting recipe which is sooo good, but you can put all kinds of things on the inside.  These are so good we actually ate every single one of batch #1 before we even had a chance to share.  I am in so love with these cookies.
I got to use one of my Christmas presents too!  My mom, aunt, cousin, and I went to Splash Studio to drink wine and paint.  You sign up for a specific painting that you want to learn and you have a 3 hour session at the studio!  What could be better than painting and mimosas?  I have no clue.

As you might be able to see, we were wearing Packer gear, since it was the playoff game (that they lost).  We were the only ones in the studio who were dressed like we cared about the outcome of that game...  Maybe if the rest of them were a little more festive, it would have had a better ending!  Regardless, I was wearing this headband.  I'm going to be opening an Etsy shop soon, and this is going to be an item I offer!  Of course, not everyone is a Packer fan, so I'll be doing custom headbands for different teams/schools as well!  I'll keep you updated.

So that's my brief update!  I start classes again Monday (the final stretch) and my NEW INTERNSHIP :D :D :D 
We'll talk later.

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