It's 2015

I've never actually made New Years resolutions, and I've even said the actual words "I don't believe in New Years resolutions" hahaha.  I just don't know anyone who actually fulfills them.  But this year, I've decided I'm going to try it!  I only want to pick ones that are actually tangible goals, because otherwise I honestly still don't get the point.  So I can think of I go!

1) Read 25 books this year.  I was originally going to make that 52, as in 1 book per week, but when I'm in school the absolute last thing I want to do is read a book.  Otherwise I would actually be reading all the time.  25 already sounds scary enough, so that will do.  I pretty much already own this many unread books, so that won't be an issue.  I read really fast and I like doing it so I think I can do this!

2) Leave the country.  This is one thing I've never done and have always wanted to do.  Thankfully I already have plans to travel to Greece, Turkey, & Italy right after graduation for a 3 week study abroad interim course!  Studying abroad and joining a sorority were two major things I wanted to do in college, so I'm happy to say I will have accomplished both!

3) Make fewer impulse purchases... I want to focus on saving money and buying things I've had my eye on for a while.  This means that I can't go to TJ Maxx.  For some reason, I walk into that store and within 10 seconds have already found something that I "need."  Below, I'll put my 2015 Wishlist of things I've been wanting for a while or need for my trip!  I feel like maybe having a visual of the things I really want will help me to save money and/or use it on only the things I really want?  Maybe?  I don't know?  We'll see?

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker - I'm not making it a resolution, but I definitely want to get back into working out!  Maybe not as obsessively as I did my sophomore year of college, but at least a few times a week.  I'm taking a one credit yoga class this semester, so hopefully it will inspire me (or something)!  And I literally just saw that there's a Tory Burch bracelet for it that is SO cute okay I'll calm down...hmm

Too Legit to Quit Mug (Ashley Brooke Designs) - I have wanted this forever and have an extreme mug addiction.  We're talking extreme.  I have a mug rack to prove built into my wall.  Also I'm obsessed with everything Ashley Brooke Designs has to offer.

Loren Hope Small Sarra Cuff in Topaz - It's my birthstone and I WANT it.  I would settle for any Loren Hope jewels to be honest. 

White iPad Air - Super excited that this is one thing on the list I actually am getting as a graduation present! :D

Cards Against Humanity - Self-explanatory.

Naked 2 - The only Naked palette I have yet to get my paws on.  It's time.

Hunter Kids Original Gloss Rain Boots in Lipstick - Yes, I fit in kids shoes.  I also fit in adult shoes, but this way is more economical.  I would settle for red ones though.

Alex & Ani ZTA Charm Bangle - I'm contemplating just buying this right now.  I've had it on the last 2 Christmas lists, and keep putting off buying it for myself.  $32 for a bracelet just isn't in my price range right now.  But I want it so bad :,(

Gigi New York Passport Holder in Coral - This would be for my newly obtained passport I have acquired for the trip.  It needs a home!  And this comes with free personalization.  Anything monogrammed is that much more desirable to me. $60 is a lot though, haha

Nobody Said it was Easy T-Shirt from Mindy Mae's Market - I love all my graphic tees from Mindy Mae's Market.  I've had my eye on this one since it came out in the summer.  I love any artwork by Queeni Kathleeni as well!  This shirt is actually on sale right now.

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Call the Shots - I've heard this is the ultimate red lipstick!  I've been looking for a good one since I've been surviving with my NYC tube from poms competitions in high school.  Oops

Jetsetter Sweatshirt from ILY Couture - I actually have this vision of myself wearing this on the flight into Amsterdam...  


  1. Love all of those things on your wish list! I've been wanting to try the Fitbit as well and then naked 2 pallet (I've had my naked pallet for 2 years and I love it!) I tried to find an Alex and Ani bracelet for my sorority, but they are always sold out. :( cute blog!

    1. I feel like that always happens with those Alex & Ani bracelets! & thank you! :D