Some Holiday Favorites!

That flu-shot resistant strain of the flu that's been going around?  Yea I got that...and it has since evolved into bronchitis, yay.  I've had all these ideas I want to blog yet no energy to actually do them.  I've basically been spending my days alternating between Dexter and Walking Dead marathons, which I've already seen every episode of... so yes it's been productive.  Also thinking about food, wanting food, and then becoming completely uninterested in the food once it's actually in front of me.  Also, someone drove through the front doors of my work, so thankfully I didn't have to go there during my flu!

Luckily, that nearly WEEK LONG situation is improving, and I wanted to talk about my favorite holiday items/gifts before it's irrelevant!  

I've been wanting to read each book in this pile of books since they came out.  Some I've been waiting for longer than others!  I'm still working on The Bachelorette Party (which is hilarious by the way, and written by the people who wrote my favorite movie, Legally Blonde).  That just means I haven't had a chance to open any of these yet, but I'm dying to!  I've been told I read "fluff" books, but I feel like I always learn something!  Maybe I'll make a more in-depth post about some of these later once I get a chance to read them!

I haven't been able to try any of these yet, but I've heard good things!  The Philosophy fresh cream body polishing scrub is apparently like "showering in cake" there's that.  I just keep forgetting to bring it in the shower.  I probably won't open the Snow Angel body wash until my coconut one is gone, but it smells delicious.  And looks like unicorn blood.  The other thing is Poo-Pourri's Merry Spritzmas which I've also heard actually works!  I'll spare you the details of how it works, but I feel like public restrooms should start supplying people with a complimentary one of these.  Please, for everyone's sake.

I'm always looking for things I can use to decorate my room/apartment.  One of my favorite gifts was this jewelry rack that says "Pretty Little Things."  Before this, all my bracelets were just in a box in my drawer.  It's sold out now, but I'll add the link to something similar to it!

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