Christmas Costume 2014

One of my friends always complains about how she has way too much blank wall space in her bedroom and no idea how to fill it.  I happen to have the opposite problem, but more on that later.  I thought a good Christmas present for her would be a monogrammed 16x20 in canvas that matches the colors of her bedspread.  I do everything freehand, but I was definitely inspired by some art on Pinterest for the flower wreath.  For that and the pink background, I used acryllic paint.  I was going to paint the monogram, but I knew I wouldn't be able to be as precise as I would be able to with a Sharpie.  Whenever I draw someone's monogram, I usually just google "monogram fonts" and go from there.  Again, I prefer to freehand.  
For our final chapter meeting of the year for our sorority, this same friend and I went out of our way to make the theme "Christmas" and encourage other people to dress up.  I don't like to miss opportunities to be festive.  3 layers of green tulle sewn to ribbon (to tie), about 12 small ornaments, and a $1 tree topper from Target attached to a headband, we were decked out as Christmas trees!  It was a pretty cheap outfit overall, I think it costed us $10 each.  And it led to a pretty entertaining/over-the-top outcome ;)

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