Olivia & Ruby's Winter Photoshoot

Wasn't a very white Christmas in Wisconsin!  The other day, my dog and I decided to hold a photoshoot since the weather was pretty nice.  The end result was...that we are not as photogenic as we thought we were.  But I did try a new lipstick which I LOVE.  I bought the double-ended one in Violet/Palomino because 1) it was cheaper ($12, a full size is around $24-28) and 2) I wanted to try more than one color.  It was a little smaller than I had anticipated, but that's okay. I love the color, but also the fact that it's a matte lipstick that isn't drying.  I feel like that's hard to come by!  Also, I only had to apply it twice during the day.  And the second time was just to freshen it up! I'll eventually end up buying a full size one, but for now the mini works just fine.  Next will be the High Pigment Pencil!

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