First post + Favorite Christmas gift I gave!

So, I honestly don't know where to begin!  Since most of my posts are going to be things I made or put together, the first thing that came to mind was the gift I gave to my cousin in our gift exchange yesterday.  I've always loved picking out gifts for people, wrapping them, etc., but I've realized that the most fun way to do it is to gift things that are very personalized to whoever you are giving them to.  Or even just things that fit well together rather than a bunch of random items thrown together.  I decided that I would put together a beer gift set, complete with the beer, the glasses, and the coasters.  The limit was $15, so luckily I found things that were relatively cheap.  Crate & Barrel had these "American Brew" glasses on sale for $1.47 each, so I bought 4!  They also had these punny beer coasters that were so adorable I had to buy them for myself as well ;)  I wanted to add in a local beer, so top it off, I got some of the Lakefront Brewery's Cream City Pale Ale (which I have never tried, so hopefully it's good!).  Overall, I think it turned out pretty awesome, and I think she loved it!

American Brew Glasses // Set of 12 Beer Coasters // Cream City Pale Ale (sold at a variety of liquor stores)

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