DIY Wine Bottle Decor Project!

As seen on Pinterest, I decided to do wine bottle crafts for my wine-loving godparents for Christmas!  Yet another finished product that I wanted to keep for myself.  I wish I would have taken pictures during the process to provide better explanation of how I went about making these...but I was not thinking "blog" when I started on them.  Sorry.      To start, I drank (then used) some kind of Barefoot bottle of wine (x2).  The corks had to be whittled down to get back in there, then hot glued.  The necks of the bottles are wrapped in twine (I did that first from top to bottom of the neck) just so I could kind of decide where to start hot gluing the glass stones (from Jo-Ann Fabrics).  Then I started haphazardly gluing the stones onto the bottle, hoping that in some way/shape/form it looked like a clump of grapes.  Luckily, it sort of did.  The leaves are clipped from a branch of fake holly (from my fave place in the world, Hob Lob), then dusted with "gold bronze pulver," which was found in the depths of my craft drawers.  A bow of twine tied on the wine charms, which were found on THE strangest ornament I have ever seen at Farm & Fleet.  There was one of these bad boys left, and the charms were dangling from a weird looking hat.  You were then supposed to hang the monstrosity on your Christmas tree.  Regardless, they worked excellently for what I was doing and it turned out to be an awesome craft that will fit right in with the the decor at my godparents' houses!

I promise next time I'll have a better photographic explanation of the process!

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