Another New Hobby

While I already do spend a lot of time painting, I never have really used a good set of watercolors!  When I paint it's with acrylics.  Since I've been following The Lust List on Instagram, it's inspired me to try something new.  I'm obsessed with their paintings of outfits, shoes, and accessories and love their bio, "If I can't have them, I'll draw them."  You can also buy their prints here.  I'm not nearly that great, but I'm working on it!  I've just been perusing my Pinterest and painting some of my favorite pins.  So far this set of watercolors (below) has been working for me.  They were super cheap, and on sale right now.  If I really like doing this I'll probably look around for a set with more of a color variety.  Before I bought those, I was using these watercolor pencils (my mom's from a longggg time ago), but it just wasn't what I was looking for.  I have a feeling I'll be painting a lot more things I can't have in real life.  My 2D closet, for lack of a better description!

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