Pineapples are so in right now

I tweeted this profound statement a couple of weeks ago, and it couldn't ring any truer today.  Every time I look at Instagram or Pinterest, I see another piece of pineapple themed clothing, accessories, crafts, and home decor.  From the infamous sold-out Lilly Pulitzer sandals to um...Shay Mitchell's entire outfit, it looks like pineapples are in this spring and will likely be staying for the summer.  I myself have a pineapple beach towel that I bought from PINK a couple years ago, so I'd like to think I'm ahead of the trends.  So in my expert opinion, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more pineapples where these came from ;)

Here are some of my favorite pineapple-themed items that I've seen so far!  I apologize if any are sold out, like I said, this fruit is a hot commodity right now.

Also, disclaimer:  I have no idea where to find that pineapple chair, but I am obsessed.

Also, I love this free download! Hand lettering by Maiko Nagao.  Definitely framing this and putting it somewhere.

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