Apartment Livin' - The Kitchen

For the third installment of my "Apartment Livin" series, I'd like to bring your attention to the kitchen!  Honestly, my kitchen isn't much to see.  It's so small that it's hard for one person to fit in there while cooking much less trying to fit the two that actually live there at the same time.  Needless to say, there wasn't much to decorate.  I still managed to find ways to fill almost every bit of empty space.  It's a gift.

Before I explain too much, I might as well let the photos speak for themselves.

Below are actually placemats from IKEA.  They would have stayed placemats, but the apartment was too small for a kitchen or dining room table.  This appeared to be the next best place.  My landlord even complimented this little kitchen detail.  It's also proven to be a very good photo backdrop...

Obviously, the color scheme is bright greens and blues.  Although, through the duration of our time in the apartment, some other colors managed to sneak in to challenge that theme.  I just couldn't resist the macaron and tea cup scrapbook paper from Papersource used to make the wooden block wall art.  This is made in the same way as the blocks in my bathroom from my previous post.  And how could I not buy the wine cork towel?  I'm certain that these things are put in stores just to tempt me.

Like I said, other than that there's not much to see.  But wait - There's one more room left for my little apartment blog tour, so stay tuned as usual!

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