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I can't even focus on how lame this season of The Bachelorette is because I'm too p.o.'d at my Starbucks app for not recognizing my password.  It's hard to focus on Shawn's whining (and that one guy not closing his eye when he kisses Kaitlyn) when at the same time I CAN'T LOAD MY GIFT CARD ONTO MY ACCOUNT!  I think I've paid attention for about five minutes out of two hours it's been on.  If the five minutes I did see are any indication of what I've already missed, I don't want to see the rest.

In other news, I also decided that this was a good time to use one of my gift cards from graduation on three books that I've wanted from Amazon for quite some time.  Actually, they're the books written by three of my favorite Instagrammers.  I got I Spy DIY Style by one of Milwaukee's own, Jenni Radosevich.  I followed her on Snapchat before anything, and didn't even know she was from my area until I saw her story....looking at chocolates AT MY WORK.  I love her blog and dream of taking one of her DIY classes!  I also bought another DIY star's book, A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate.  I haven't been following her on Instagram for very long, but I like her sense of humor and I know the book is filled with "quirkily hilarious stories and anecdotes."  Those are two things I can't get enough of.  Finally, I got the recipe book that I've been coveting for months... Meringue Girls: Incredible Sweets Everybody Can Make and let me tell you, I'm very pumped about it.  I think I even talked about wanting this book in a previous post, but as a refresher, I started following the Meringue Girls at the peak of my meringue-making obsession and have been in awe ever since.  Their brightly colored meringue cookies, cakes, and sundaes have been my obsession for many months.  It's too bad that their store is located in England :( 

Super excited for those little buggers to show up in the mail.  I also should mention the last book that I bought from another one of my favorite Instagram stars, Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen).  As a very, very, very amateur yogi, I started following her and consequently paying attention to her life.  I bought her book after realizing that it was so much more than just a yoga guide.  I saved it for reading material during my flight to Italy, and I'm glad I did!  Her deeply personal stories about how her father's plane crashed into the ocean almost distracted me from the ocean that I was...currently flying over.  Just kidding it made me fear for my life.  But really, I had no idea how many struggles she's faced!  And now she's an Instagram yoga star and role model living her dream in Aruba!  She also talks a lot about the stress of being such a highly sought-after yoga celebrity, which I wouldn't have picked up on just by reading her daily posts.  She just seems so chill.  The book also has recipes for her favorite foods and smoothies and of course, lots about yoga.  She's another person I would love to take a class from.  I would definitely recommend it, especially if you follow her!

Finally, I've read a few novels this summer as well.  If you recall from my New Years resolution list earlier this year, I set my first goal to be to read 25 books this year.  I'll give myself a break because I was in school for the first five months of the year, but I think I'm at book 5 or 6 of the year.  Not so good.  Still more than most of my friends have read this year ;) but not nearly close enough to where I should be if I want to reach my goal by December.  Luckily I've been using the app Overdrive on my iPad to borrow e-books from the library.  It only lets me borrow each book for a week, so it's actually a really good way to force me to read it before it expires!  Some books I have to place a hold on for a long time before I can actually borrow them, so that really encourages me to read them when I do get my hands on them!  And the fact that I'm doing this for free makes me feel very thrifty.

If you haven't realized it by now, I like to know what people are talking about right now in regards to books, movies, crafting, products, etc.  I took this summer as an opportunity to read a bunch of the books that have/will be turning into movies or books that I've heard good things about through other sources:

On the plane ride back from Turkey, I had the seats on both sides of me to myself.  When my boredom really took a turn for the worst, I whipped out The Happiness Project on my iPad.  Unfortunately I had a hard time focusing on really anything during that flight, and didn't finish the book before it expired.  I had to place another hold and am currently reading the rest!  I love how I keep reading things from her research on happiness that overlap from what I've learned as a Comm major.  What a nerd.  So far so good though!

When I returned for my trip and while I was waiting to re-borrow The Happiness Project, I read 50 Shades of Grey, Paper Towns, and The Maze Runner.  I was mad at myself for watching 50 Shades and Maze Runner as movies before I read the books, and wasn't going to make the same mistake for Paper Towns.  I love reading a book before seeing the movie, but I have a really hard time reading the book for the first time after I've already seen it onscreen.  I'm happy I made myself read those two books even though I've already watched them because now I can read the rest of both series.  As for Paper Towns, I'm so happy I have read it because I'll have no remorse when I go see the movie this summer!  I'm also really excited about the casting for it and the fact that the previews seem to fit pretty well with the story in the book (although I have already noticed two very minor differences...haha).  Picky, picky.

And for the question of: How do the books compare to the movies?  I almost always prefer the books.  Same goes in these particular cases.  I didn't hate 50 Shades the movie, but the book was way better.  I actually wanted to read the second, and I can't say I wanted to see the second movie (even though I will, ugh.)  As for Maze Runner, I liked the movie a lot when I saw it in theaters.  After reading the book, I realized how much they changed and preferred the original story a lot more.  I feel like that's the way it usually happens for me.  I'm excited to read the next two books.

Although I have 10 books on hold (eek), I'm always looking for recommendations!  I plan on continuing to read at least one per week through the rest of the summer (and indefinite future as well)!  

but for now, ciao

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