Apartment Livin' - The Bedroom

And for the fourth and final installment of my Apartment Livin' series...my bedroom!  I obviously only occupied one of the two bedrooms in my tiny little apartment, so these are all the pictures I have to provide.  I went for a Moroccan theme, which is sort of evident by the purple/coral/orange flowery zentangle designs.  At least that was what I was trying for.  Over the course of the two years I lived there, the room gathered a lot of other knick knacks and adornments that didn't necessarily coincide with the original theme.  My bad.  

I'm pleased to present you with....El Sanctuary.

Looking back at it now, there's nothing that made it very Moroccan.  But I guess I can find solace in the fact that Morocco was simply the inspiration behind the décor, not really the result.  Nevertheless, I was happy with it.

Thanks to the fact that my aunt saves junk for unknown future crafts, we were able to make these lightweight wall hangings out of foam rectangles used for packaging.  Underneath the fabric, there are two of the rectangles right on top of each other taped together with duct tape.  6 rectangles in all, obviously.  We covered them with fabrics that fit with my theme and matched my comforter.  I found this idea on Pinterest, although the ones on there were a different shape and I think they may have used wood (which would have worked too).  

My mom sewed the orange pillow case for the body pillow, seeing as I have absolutely no patience for sewing.  This I proved during my freshman year of high school in the Intro to Sewing class that I so vehemently despised.  My best friend and I basically gave up on day one and brought all our projects home for my mom to finish.  For someone who loves pretty much every other form of crafting, I simply cannot stand patterns, threads, bobbins, and the like.  

I freehand painted the monogram onto the purple pillowcase with puff paint. And voilà!

Another Pinterest idea:  The ombré dresser drawers.  Using leftover paint from the walls in my bedroom at home (bottom drawer), I just progressively added white paint to four different containers of paint for the other four drawers.  I didn't notice how similar two of the middle drawers looked until I was already done.  Oops.  

I also saw this "Prada Palazzo" painting on Pinterest, but had no idea where I could buy it and also didn't really want to buy it.  I just looked at it and decided to paint it myself.  Worked well for me!

This fabric thing slid into the valence of my blinds was my mom's idea and masterpiece.  One minute she said the blinds were too boring and in the next, this was there.  It really did spice the place up a bit.

Ha, I found the idea for these picture "frames" NOT on Pinterest (for once), but in a 2013 issue of Seventeen magazine.  This happened to be the first issue of the magazine that I had read in years, but I found something that I thought could be of use to me in there!  The hardest part of these is making sure the photos are in straight lines.  I hate measuring so I just kind of eyeballed it.  Then I put tiny rolls of masking tape in the corners because I wanted the photos completely flat against the wall.  I used $1 black electrical tape from the Dollar Tree as the "frame" part.  I think it's a bit more of an elegant way of hanging photos right onto your wall than anything I've seen before.

Any proudly displayed crafts you see on the walls were probably the works of my Big or Little.  

Other than that, I had a giant standing mirror and a decent sized closet.  It was a small room, but it served its purpose!  My parents moved me out on the day I left for my trip to Europe, seeing as my lease was ending.  I would say the saddest part of leaving Oshkosh is not having my apartment anymore :'(  and I'll miss it dearly.  But time to save money so I can move into somewhere more permanent!  Somewhere that I can paint the walls!!!  Yes, it's in the very distant future, but I already know what colors my bathrooms will be.

Until next time!

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