3D Photo Canvas DIY

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I posted a photo of the newest addition to my bedroom a while back on Instagram.  A few people asked me if I bought or made the 4x4 photo "canvases" on my wall, and I most certainly did craft them myself!  My original idea for this corner was a bit different.  I was going to use all 4x4 photos, and they were all going to be landscape scenes from my Europe trip without people in them.  Everything was going to be flat to the wall!  The 4x4 blocks of wood were originally for a different project.  Then I realized that some of my favorite scenic pictures have people in them, and also that having them completely flat would be kind of boring.  I thought would look better if it looked like this, and it turned out to be a really simple DIY!

1)  I obviously had to get photos developed, which I usually do at Walgreens because there's always some kind of discount for large photo orders.  I don't order 4x4s from them anymore.  They're more expensive than 4x6 and are no longer printed matte without an additional cost, which is basically why I was doing them in the first place.  I just print everything the cheap way in the typical 4x6 size, then crop them myself when I need 4x4s.

2)  You could really do this on any type or shape of wood from a craft store/home improvement store, but I had 4x4 squares cut from an old entertainment center (long story).   I liked having thicker pieces of wood for this project because I wanted it to have the 3D look on my wall.  I painted the edges black with acrylic paint.

3)  To adhere the photos after cropping, I just painted on a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the wood block and then lined the photo up on top to stick.  You're able to slide them around for a little while if you don't stick it on perfectly on the first try.  You can always trim an edge if something is really off.  I didn't even bother to do a top coat of Mod Podge just because it really didn't seem necessary!  If I was going to display them in a different way where they might have been bumped around a bit more, I would have done a top coat.

4)  To actually hang them on the wall, I used double sided tape for the 4x6 flat prints and Command Strips for the blocks of wood.  Mine were really light, so I only needed to use half a strip.  And double sided tape is what I usually use to keep photos really flat to the wall.  Making sure that they're lined up perfectly is kind of difficult, but you don't necessarily have to arrange them in perfect rows either.  If you do, lining up the top row is the hardest part.  I usually measure to where I want the top row to start and stop and go from there.  Once you have that top row all set up, you should be able to follow it really easily for the rest of your rows!

That's pretty much all you need to know to create something similar to mine!  If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments and I will be happy to answer!

PS:  If you're not crafty at all and don't feel like trying to be, you can purchase photos mounted very much like these from Walmart or Walgreens.  I've ordered these before for Christmas presents.  Although the DIY way is much more wallet friendly!

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