What's the deal with Female Foodie? / City Tins 2016

I have new business to attend to!

If you have yet to find out through one of my other forms of social media, I have had the honor of being appointed the Milwaukee/Wisconsin foodie on femalefoodie.com!  This is all thanks to the lovely person who started Female Foodie, Brooke, and her willingness to allow Milwaukee to become part of her fabulous blog of all things food!  

Seriously, I'm so pumped.  
I've gone on four missions so far and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.  You can read the first one that's been posted HERE from my trip to Lulu Cafe & Bar in Bay View!  Basically I drag everyone there, so I figured it would be the perfect spot to start with.  

This is such an exciting opportunity for someone who loves to try new restaurants as much as I do.  I feel like I'm always the one who's recommending places to people and finally I have some credibility behind it!  

I just love everything about her site.  Even though most of the postings are restaurants from other parts of the United States (and some international), it would be a great way to get ideas for places to eat while traveling!  Or if you're like me and just like looking at photos of really good food, no matter the locale.  So I highly recommend making your way over there.  Not because I'm a blogger there, but because it's a really great collective of the best restaurants out there!

Follow @femalefoodie on Instagram to stay up-to-date!

In other foodie news...

This is what I got for my uncle and my mother for Christmas.  City Tins are like a foodie's dream come true.  You pay $30 and get at least 20-25 coasters.  Each coaster represents a restaurant/bar/lounge in the area (Milwaukee for me) and is worth $10 off a $25 purchase.  They're good for 2016.  The best part is that most of the coasters are for restaurants that I either already love or wanted desperately to try.  I think we've used three of them so far.  Pretty sure before Christmas you could get City Tins for Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis.  Now it looks like Minneapolis has sold out.   

Perfect timing for me, since I have this new foodie position to fulfill!

I've been dying to eat at Black Sheep, La Masa, AP Bar & Kitchen, Pastiche, among others!

That's all I have for now, but from the looks of it, I'll be eating like a king for a while.


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