My #beminegalentinebox!

One of the best things about February this year was being able to participate in the #beminegalentinebox swap!  On Instagram, @_whiteafterlaborday arranges a few themed swaps every year, and I finally was able to be part of one.  All you have to do is sign up and she goes to the trouble of matching you up with someone who has similar interests. You and your match both spend around $25 on a holiday themed box for each other!

I love buying/making presents for other people and I especially love when I can give them something that is completely THEM.  It's like a fun game.  I was lucky enough to be paired with someone super similar to me, and it was so fun to shop for her gifts!  (and of course to open the ones she got for me!)

She knew I liked making sugar cookies so she got me the most adorable emoji cookie cutters!  And I like to make macarons, so she included a macaron cookbook!  Another fave was the Sugarfina "Men Are Pigs" pig-shaped gummies!  Even a Kate Spade luggage tag for all my travels.  I loved every single thing that I pulled out of that box.

I didn't take a very good photo of everything that I included in her box, but here's a brief synopsis:  I made 2 yellow lab sugar cookies because she loves her puppy.  I picked up the Wisconsin mug from the We Are Here Collection at Starbucks because she collects them.  I found a macaron ornament and lipgloss, since she loves them too.  She's a hairdresser, so I made her a custom hair themed illustration and put it in a fancy white frame!  There were a bunch of other things, but those were my favorites!

If you're interested in being part of one of @_whiteafterlaborday's swaps, follow her on Instagram to stay updated for when she hosts the next one!  It was a lot of work to perfect my box, but I can't wait to do it again.

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