Adventure Wisconsin: Lapham Peak State Park

Blogged while catching up on Season 4 of Girls... I'm behind, I know.

Lapham Peak State Park

This summer, the fam decided to venture to as many different parks and places for outdoor adventure as we can. Honestly, I haven't been to very many, unless we're counting anything in the Milwaukee area. Today we traveled only about a half hour to Lapham Peak. It's a Wisconsin State Park in the Kettle Morraine State Forest, complete with a trail called the "Gut Buster." Moderately gut busting, in my moderately humble opinion. There was an observation tower overlooking the whole forest/basically the world (highest point in Waukesha county). Hike it in the summer, cross country ski it in the winter. Another fun fact is that it is part of the Ice Age Trail, which is a trail that stretches 1,200 miles throughout Wisconsin. And Lapham Peak is leashed-puppy friendly! 

Here's my little visual diary for your viewing pleasure.

W329 N846 C, County Rd C, Delafield, WI 53018

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