90s Themed 25th Birthday Party Recap!

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: 1990
Rugrats: 1991
Friends: 1994
All That: 1994
It Takes Two (Mary-Kate and Ashley): 1995
Clueless: 1995
Spice Girls' first album "Spice": 1996
NSYNC's first album "NSYNC": 1997
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (book): 1997
The Parent Trap: 1998
Sex & the City: 1998
Britney's first album "Baby One More Time": 1999

What do Lisa Frank, the Game Boy color, and Angelica Pickles' Cynthia doll all have in common?  They made their claim to fame in the 90s, of course!  And so did I.  A lot of my very favorite things came out of the 90s.  Since I was turning 25, I knew I had to incorporate them all into the decor of my birthday party.  

On Saturday, we were channeling vibes from a quarter of a century ago...

Read on for links to what I used for decor as well as lots of photos from the event!

We started out at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, which is HUGE by the way.  Not to mention beautiful.  And they have a canine concierge.  Oh, what's that you ask?  It's a dog who hangs out at the hotel answering questions.  Well maybe not the second part.  Her name is Millie and she's a mini golden doodle and THE CUTEST THING EVER.  We started our night by decking out the room the 90s way.  I didn't want it to be cliche neon 90s, so I chose a color scheme of maroon, blush pink, rose gold, and gold.

How I decorated:
-I printed out a bunch of iconic images to use as both decor and photo shoot props!  A Spice Girls group photo here...a photo of Elizabeth James and Nick Parker torn in half a la The Parent Trap over there...
-I got my rose gold 2 and 5 balloons and the gold confetti balloons from Amazon.  The pink marble ones were from the Five Below store.  Sorry, the leopard ones were extras from work!
-The Rosé All Day book, the Sex and the City book, and the new kate spade coffee table book called SHE were used for ambience!
-These Rosé All Day napkins
-This Old AF cake topper
-Blush pink table runner from Mrs. Freund & Co.

-This Original 1992 tee
-90s inspired skirt from Forever 21 (old, similar HERE)
-Harry Potter glasses ring from Alex & Ani
-kate spade Langley Boots
-kate spade Wine & Dine Watch

-I called it, "The One with the Rosé," as a nod to the way that Friends episodes are named!
-Basically it was a Friends themed bar area!
-Recipe HERE, and it was delicious.
-Gotta sugar the glass rims.

-Cake recipe is from Cake By Courtney and it's the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" cake!
-Cookies are our recipe, decorated with 1992 and the Scorpio symbol!

Afterwards, we moved on over to Swig, which is one of my favorite restaurants in my ABSOLUTE favorite area of Milwaukee, the Third Ward.  I wrote one of my first Female Foodie reviews on Swig!

We stayed in the Third Ward for a while, stopping at the Outsider and a few other places before moving onto Cathedral Square.  I had the best drink everrrrrrr at the Outsider on their new fall cocktail menu, called "At This Time of Year."  Go try it.  Don't taste the garnish though.

Let me know if you need more ideas to throw your own 90s bash ;)

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  1. 90s Themed 25th Birthday Party Recap! I am just so much in love with these decorations. I also would be hosting my 30th birthday bash soon and eagerly looking forward to the fun party theme ideas. It will be funky, stylish and outdoor ceremony at one of the nearby Los Angeles venues.