Halloween Bar Scene + Chandelier by NK (with a nod to Harry Potter!)

Happy Halloween!

October is the kickoff to my faaaaaaaavorite time of the year.  First comes Halloween, then my birthday (at the beginning of November), Thanksgiving, the Christmas season, and NYE!

Being the extremely festive person that I am, I find no greater joy than dressing up for Halloween.  I usually have a million costume ideas and have to narrow it down to the best one.  And starting October 1, I think it's acceptable to decorate your home with all things spooky.  So fun.

I've been dying to do a themed bar cart, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity (although if you've noticed, it's on a table not a bar cart)!  I say it's a nod to Harry Potter because all the labels on the bottles are different potions mentioned in the books and movies!  I found all the labels on Pinterest from all different sites.  Now, why you would ever use Skele-Gro in a cocktail, I have no idea.  But it's a classic potion from the Chamber of Secrets!  (If you're a true fan, you know what scene I'm talking about!)  We have that, some liquid luck (felix felicis), truth telling serum (veritaserum), love potion (amortencia), and what Lupin took to stop himself from becoming a werewolf every full moon (wolfsbane potion).  Oh, and can't forget some freshly brewed butter beer from the Three Broomsticks!

This was also a great reason to use my Turquoise Fancy Chandelier from Chandelier by NK.  This time around, I have a black crystal hanging from my chandelier. Colored crystals are something you can add on to your purchase for $10 (black is special by order).

In case you missed my last couple of posts about the chandelier (the outer space celebration HERE & Addy's room reveal HERE), I'll give a little background.  I am lucky enough to be one of the brand ambassadors for Chandelier by NK, which means that I have centered a few different styled shoots around this lovely piece of decor.  These acrylic chandeliers are the perfect detail to add to your living space, party, or special event!  You can choose from a number of different colors for the fancy chandelier (that's the one I have).  It's super easy to assemble and surprisingly lightweight. It's just as amazingly beautiful in person as it is in photos!

P.S:  Nicole has begun crowdfunding in order to take the next necessary steps for her business.  She wants to do her first trade show in early 2018 AND come out with new chandeliers in different shapes, colors, and metallics!  SO exciting!  I donated and you should too.  Click here to support the Chandelier by NK campaign.

"It's always Halloween in my soul."

Turquoise Fancy Chandelier:  Chandelier by NK
Crystal Add-On for Chandelier (black is special order): Chandelier by NK
Wall Bats: Joann Fabrics
Cardamom & Ginger Candle:  Bath & Body Works
Happy Hour Sign: Target (Dollar Spot, earlier this year)
Two of a Kind Less/More Jigger: kate spade new york
On the Rocks Glasses: Target (Dollar Spot, last winter)
Bottles/Decanters: Everywhere, collected over time. But Dollar Tree has some good ones.
Polka Dot Paper Straws: Coqui Paperie
Brandy Sign: Twohig and Tuinstra
Cool Gourds:  Trader Joe's

This post contains some affiliate links.

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