OOTD: kate spade Fall Faves Part 3!

Welcome to Part Three of my kate spade fall faves!

Although this dress is actually from a couple of years back, it's a classic.  This plaid never goes out of style.  And neither does a giant bow, at least in my opinion!  But the icing on the cake (or novelty purse cake, mwahaha) of this outfit are the accessories which can be found at kate spade right now.  

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-Griffin Dress: kate spade new york
-Golden Girl Bauble Drop Earrings:  kate spade new york
-Ma Chérie Cherry Open Hinged Cuff: kate spade new york
-Langley Boots: kate spade new york
-Ma Chérie Cherry Cake: kate spade new york

Like I said, this dress is literally my fall favorite!  But accessories are what really helps putting the "fall spirit" into an outfit.  I am a huge fan of opaque black tights like these ones.  In the fall and winter, I throw them on under every dress.  And I finally found the pair of black booties I've always been looking for!  They can be dressed up or down, and have a cute bow that makes them unique.  

I knew that the cake purse would look great with this outfit, so I had to bring it out again!  To make things even more perfect, I wore my cherry hinged bangle.  I'm also loving this style of earrings this year.  Mine are the golden girl bauble earrings from kate, but I've seen this style all over the place lately.

I got this lip color in my Sephora Play box and I love it!  It's probably the darkest I've gone, in all seriousness.  At first I didn't know if it would work, but I ended up loving the way it looks.  For nails, this is my classic fall nail color.  I know I've influenced others to purchase it too because it's just THAT good!  It's a dark espresso brown called Smokin Hot.  I actually bought it for the first time back in college, when Jessica Garvin recommended it!  PS:  That's the first blog I officially started reading!

I can't wait to get even more creative with my fall outfits this year.  It's my favorite season!

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