Oils for Your Skin & Hair!

Nope, oil is not just for your car!

Although, you have probably known that since the Moroccan oil craze started a few years back.  I have consistently used Moroccan argan oil in my hair since...high school?  Not sure!  But I do know that my hair has never been healthier since starting to use it!

Lately I've been learning a lot more about organic/natural beauty products and ways to use oils for your hair and skin.  I've started researching lots of new oil-based products and learned that there are so many benefits that I never would have known about!  I'm starting to pay much closer attention to the ingredients in the products that I use on my body.  I also really like the idea of knowing exactly what's in a product, and the less chemicals the better.

I'll be sharing three products I've recently found that have definitely made an impact on my hair and skin!

This organic jojoba oil is a skin necessity.  When I went to Florida, my face freaked out on me!  It was super unusual.  I don't know if it was the change in humidity or constant application of sunscreen...or both.  One of my cousins recommended jojoba oil and said she uses it daily as a moisturizer. I ordered to make sure it arrived right when I got back.  Since then I have recommended it to multiple people.

I usually moisturize twice per day, after washing my face.  I replaced my nighttime use of moisturizer with jojoba oil and...magic, I swear.  Not only does it work amazingly as a moisturizer, it keeps my skin nice and clear.  Obviously there are other factors at play when it comes to clear skin, but I think using jojoba oil is a great replacement for a lot of the popular current products out there.  I'm trying to cut back on anything with salicylic acid, even though it can help clear up blemishes, because it can actually dry out skin.  I have generally clear skin to begin with, but with jojoba oil, I am seeing far less blemishes than I normally would anyway.

Jojoba moisturizes without clogging your pores.  I also have mildly oily skin, so using an oil on my face "tricks" it into producing less oil.  That's a thing.  I'm no expert, but I haven't experienced anything is better for my face than jojoba oil.  

The one I use, linked above, is 100% USDA certified organic cold-pressed and unrefined jojoba oil.

Another product for your face!  It can be used for any skin type.  I like applying 5-7 sprays after the jojoba oil.  It just feels super hydrating (and it is), like spraying your skin with a hydrating elixir.  It's gentle, yet slightly astringent and helps with blemishes and reduces wrinkles.  The antibacterial properties in geranium oil can also help to fight external infection.  I use it before I apply makeup, but you can spray it on your face throughout the day.

The product contains 100% rose geranium hydrosol, and nothing else.

During this mission to a cleaner beauty cabinet, I was offered a bottle of this tea tree oil shampoo to try!

If you Google uses for tea tree oil, there are tons.  It's good for a lot of different reasons.  But right now, we're going to focus on why tea tree oil is the perfect oil for hair.  It promotes growth and unclogs hair follicles.  It can also improve scalp health and stop dandruff.  I've also read that it can even prevent hair loss.  

A great benefit to this product is that it's cruelty-free, paraben-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free.  It smells like eucalyptus and leaves my hair feeling refreshed.  But I'm going to be honest, I was using their website as reference when looking at ingredients, and they list aqua, jojoba oil, botanical keratin, argan oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil.  Sounds great, right?  But then I grabbed the bottle.  There are about 15 ingredients on there that are not listed on the website.  So I Googled all of them.  They all seem to be naturally occurring, mostly derived from coconut oil.  And they all serve a difference purpose (foaming, anti-humidity, etc), which is obviously understandable in a shampoo.  But I would appreciate it listed on the website!  They were all very wordy, so I would have had no clue what they were had I not looked them up.  And I'm no expert, but it seems like they're all legitimately natural ingredients that I wouldn't have a problem rubbing all over my scalp and precious hair!

Overall, I really like the product.

You can enroll in a free sample program with Maple Holistics to try your own products.

As I discover more products I love, I will of course share them with you!

Until next time, 

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