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I'll just disclose one more time that I work for the company...for no other reason than because I am obsessed with it.  Like everything about it.  Their branding, their quirky details, their apparel, handbags, accessories, etc.  For this reason, I like to post about how much I love it!  I really don't get into any other designers other than kate.  The brand is just so unique and awesome that I want all. the. things.

With that said, through this weekend, you can get an additional 25% off sale merchandise with the code CLINK!

This includes everything that is already marked down, so you could be getting as much as 50% off!

I'm going to share my favorite things that I personally own that are part of this sale!  I'll even tell you what the price comes down to after the discount, because the less math involved the better, right?

 Everything is linked, of course.  

Happy shopping!

I had this Jeweled All an Act phone case on my iPhone 6 up until very recently!  I've never been one to care more about phone protection over the aesthetic aspect of my phone cases (not proud)...but I will say I love the hybrid hardshell cases that kate sells!  They snap on in two parts, one being a rubber bumper and the other a hard shell.  I drop my phone a lot (also not proud) and have had different kate hybrids on it since April!
Full price: $45
Mark down price: $32
With additional 25% off: $24

One of my favorite pieces of apparel so far is my Shadow Buds Pleated Skirt.  It's 100% silk and is covered in this gorgeous fall floral pattern.  I feel like it's really easy to find nice spring florals, but I rarely find fall/winter patterns that I like.  I pair this with chambray shirts and of course, the Rosette Sweater.
Full price: $328
Mark down price:  $197
With additional 25% off: $147.75

Oh, Orchard Street Small Natalya, how I love you.  I bought this bag in June before my trip to London (it was part of the July collection) and it was THE BEST travel bag.  Perfect size for a crossbody, and it fits my camera.  Not to mention, you can carry it two different ways.
Full price: $348
Mark down price:  $244
With additional 25% off: $183

As worn in my NYE post, this Cameron Street Small Byrdie is my holiday bff!  Online, she is available in black multi. The initial letters are online as well!
Full price: $268
Mark down price:  $201
With additional 25% off: $150.75

I bought this Ooh La La Makeup Card Case to fit inside the Small Byrdie (above).  I'm really sad, but it is no longer available online.  BUT THERE'S A BRIGHT SIDE, the Crossbody version is still available!  Same design, but it's actually even cooler than the card case. (Janai is holding it in this photo, we both have it!)
Full price: $298
Mark down price:  $209
With additional 25% off: $156.75

My mahogany Cedar Street Jensen is probably my most useful purchase from kate.  It has 2 zipped areas that can fit regular letter-sized sheets of paper (for your business lyfe, obvi) and then a large opening that can fit your laptop.  I actually use it for none of these purposes.  It carries everything when I go to work, including wallet, phone, lunch, planner, and pouch full of random things.  I cannot rave enough about the color either.  Mahogany is like a more purpley burgundy, and it actually functions really well as a neutral.
Full price: $378
Mark down price:  $284
With additional 25% off: $213

This mahogany Cameron Street Byrdie is the regular sized version of the glittery one from above.  She can fit a larger wallet than the small version, among other things.  If you're going for function rather than just fashion, I would go with this one!
Full price: $298
Mark down price:  $224
With additional 25% off: $168

Can't really go wrong with any of these choices!
Plus, there are a million other things waiting for you to look at in the sale section online!

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