Outfit of the Day: Cheers Dahhhling!

'Sadie' Off The Shoulder Sweater:  Goodnight Macaroon // High Waisted Denim (on sale!): kate spade new york // Color Crush Linear Earrings (in multi): kate spade new york // Dainty Sparklers Bar Ring: kate spade new york // Cheers Darling Champagne Bottle Wristlet: kate spade outlet // Gray Booties (old but I linked similar): Forever 21 // Suglasses (old from fall, linked similar): Charming Charlie // Liquid Glitter Voila iPhone 6 Case: kate spade new york

Lips: Almost Lipstick (in Black Honey) by Clinique, more on why that's my fave lipstick here!

Cheers dahhhling!

I whined a lot about the weather lately (super cloudy, foggy, kind of depressing).  I think Mother Nature finally decided to hear me out because yesterday we got quite a bit of sun!  I took that as an opportunity to spend some time outside.

Before Christmas, I really wanted to invest in a few off-the-shoulders sweaters, like the ones that are so popular right now.  Then I started wearing them and was like hmmm, I don't know if I actually like this.  I felt like they were inconvenient to wear if I was trying to get anything done...like lifting my arms!  I couldn't figure out exactly how they were supposed to lay either.  Now that I've gotten used to them and worn them a few times, I can truthfully say I love them!  I think they're so cute and don't think they get in the way too much at all.

I especially love this baby pink one from Goodnight Macaroon!  Actually, I love everything on their website.  Very much my aesthetic.  I had noticed a lot of fashion bloggers wearing this specific style from that site lately, and loved the way that it looked.  They also have a gray and a blush pink.

The jeans are some of my favorite high waisted denim, and they are from kate spade.  They're a super dark wash and make any casual look seem a little bit more polished.

The booties are old from Forever 21, but I did link similar ones.  When I say old, I mean reeeeally old like high school.  But I rarely wore them until this year, when booties got oh-so-popular again!  

The Cheers Darling champagne bottle wristlet is kate spade, but from outlet.  I know for sure they did it for Holiday 2015, and it did so well that they brought it back for Holiday 2016.  Only downside is that whenever I try to take it out places, someone thinks it's real and is like, "oh, you can't bring that in here." Hahaha.

The earrings are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry from the specialty Holiday 2016 collection from kate spade.  I bought them initially to match with this dress that I wore on Thanksgiving, but they have so many colors that I can wear them with a lot more things than I originally anticipated.  I love how they JUST almost sweep my shoulders.  There is a matching bracelet too!  They also come in a gorgeous blue palette.  I also wear the tiny spades in my second earring holes, which I always forget to talk about because I never take them out!

For my rings, one was a Dainty Sparkler (a collection that's always available) from kate spade.  Mine is rose gold, but I linked the gold which is available online.  The other is something I picked up from a vintage store in London last summer.  It has a cool looking baby pink stone that I am always receiving compliments on!

My phone case says Voila and is filled with silver glitter that floats around!  This kate spade case looks especially good on my iPhone because it's silver.  Kind of weird I have a silver phone because I prefer gold AND everything else I own is gold, but I don't think I had a choice at the time.

Hopefully the weather stays somewhat agreeable so that I can do more OOTD posts!

(PS: I hope you're loving my blog's rebranding?  It's starting to look a bit different and I am really happy about it.  I'm trying to do a post about all my changes soon!)

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